Tips & Advice for Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Image via Pexels Water Scarcity in the United States Despite what many people think, water scarcity is a real problem in the United States. Half of the country suffers from a drought at any given moment. Rivers and lakes all around the country are at risk for running dry due to pollution, demands, and [...]

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2 Big Reasons Why Your Lawn is Brown And Your Neighbor’s Isn’t!

If you can't understand why your neighbor's lawn always stays go lush and green all year long, it's time to get your Grass in gear and listen up to these two Lawn Care tips that will change your life.  While some may argue there are numerous reasons for a Brown Lawn, here we will discuss the [...]

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Mulch Madness Month; Why March Is the Best Time to Mulch Your Yard.

Mulching your flower beds and garden is a popular lawn care task this time of year. The problem is, most people apply mulch too late in the season, lessening its benefit. To understand the logic behind this theory, the experts at Green Team Lawn Care are breaking down why we mulch in the first place. [...]

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