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Spring Detox is closed out for the 2019 season. Thank you to our 189 customers that took the initiative to detoxify their lawn early, at an incredible price!  Stay tuned for our exclusive Fall lawn package to rival the success of our Spring Detox.

Complete Spring Lawn Care Service, One Low Price.

We are now introducing our Complete Spring Lawn Care Maintenance Service Called “Spring Detox“.  It’s just what the doctor ordered for your lawns revival from winter’s coma. Spring Detox includes all the essentials to take dormant turf and bring it back to life for Spring.  First it starts with a lawn assessment to determine fertilizer and soil therapy needs.  Then we do a first “scalp” mowing along with a dethatching service.  We then reinvigorate your soil with core plug aeration and spring fertilizer.  But no spring lawn care schedule is complete without the big daddy of them all, crabgrass control.  We will add crabgrass granular herbicide to prevent germination in late spring.

All this for one low price of $289, any size yard!  Spots are limited so use one of our convenient buttons below to book your service completely online.

Total Spring Lawn Care

Here’s what’s included in our exclusive Spring Detox package

Soil Test

Soil assessment to determine pH and nutrient content.  This allows us to develop the right care plan for your lawns Spring Detox

First Mowing

The first spring mowing, often reffered to as the initial “scalp”, will expose the soil and break up some initial thatch material.. This will expose the soil and prepare it to take in sunlight, water, and fertilizer.

Fertilization/Weed Control

Spring fertilizer formulated for bringing dormant grass back to it’s green non-injured state.  Granular Crabgrass herbicide for persistence in Springs unpredictable weather conditions.


Aeration pulls plugs from the turf, allowing the soil to maintain natural air pockets for optimal root growth and drainage. 


Removes dead layer of organic material, including old grass and weeds.  Allows sunlight to reach soil layer, and water to pentrate to roots more effectively.  Pests thrive under thatch layers, so de-thatching is a chemical free way to practice Integrated Pest Management.

Shrub & Hedge Pruning

Small bushes, shrubs, and trees trimmed to a healthy size for new growth development.

Spring Detox Service is available in the following towns:

  • Madison
  • Clinton
  • Westbrook
  • Old Saybrook
  • Essex
  • Deep River
  • Branford
  • Guilford
  • East Hampton *New for 2019!

The Details

Spring Detox


  • Free initial lawn analysis
  • Any size lawn
  • Includes Crabgrass control
  • Not valid with other special offers
  • Must book before April 30th

New Customers

15% Off

New clients will receive 15% off their first monthly prepaid bill for mowing or fertilization/weed control plans.

Also valid for large projects such as yard clean up, leaf vacuuming service, mulch install, landscaping install, aeration, or de-thatching.

Deposit may be required.  *First month of LLS included. Spring Detox excluded.


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