Bed Mulching

Mulch Delivery and Installation Service

In our many years of Landscaping Mulch Delivery and Installation in Connecticut, we have learned the do’s and don’ts of Mulching. When laying mulch on a garden, tree, or walkway bed it is important to know what product and techniques last the test of time. Mulch Service Companies in Madison, Clinton, Westbrook, and Clinton CT should be able to provide you with this product knowledge so that your money doesn’t go to waste.

Quality Mulch Lasts Longer and Controls More Weeds

Quality is more important than cost for Mulch Delivery. Cheap, Double-Ground Landscapers Mulch deteriorates very quickly over time, composting into an ugly dust in your Garden Beds. Using larger cut bark mulch from high quality Mulch Suppliers creates a cleaner, longer lasting Mulch Bed.  Larger cut mulch will prevent weeds more effectively, retain more moisture, and break down more slowly.  Costing you less over time when you don’t have to perform mulch service multiple times during the growing season.


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Mulch colors include Dyed Red, Brown, Black, and Natural Cedar.  All Color Mulch is available for delivery and Installation in Madison, Clinton, Old Saybrook, and Westbrook.  Use our Contact Page or our “Free Assessment” Button below for a free Price Quote on your Mulch Delivery Service. We will come measure your beds’ square footage and determine desired depth.  With this we can calculate Cubic Yardage required to provide the best growing conditions for your gardens. Mulch is completely organic, and Eco-Friendly.

The Details

Mulch Installation

Install $88 pr/yd

  • 2-3 Depth
  • Hand Weeding, PREEN Pre-Emergent Application
  • Hedge/Shrub Pruning
  • Mechanical edging
  • Material extra, pricing varies by type and quality chosen

New Customers

15% Off

New clients will receive 15% off their first monthly prepaid bill for mowing or fertilization/weed control plans.

Also valid for large projects such as yard clean up, leaf vacuuming service, mulch install, landscaping install, aeration, or de-thatching.

Deposit may be required.  Monthly pre-pay billing discount on recurring services.


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