Lawn Mowing Service Schedules

Grass Cutting, Lawn Mowing, Yard Maintenance Services by Green Team Lawn Care, help maintain a beautifully manicured landscape every season. Our Lawn Care Professionals will help answer the many questions you may have regarding proper Grass Care and Maintenance. We will discuss proper frequency, height, disposal of clippings, and more to ensure success in your lawn care plan.

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Have Questions About Cutting Grass?

The most common Lawn Care Questions we hear are:

  • “How often should I mow my lawn”
  • “How high should you cut the grass”
  • “Should I mow after it rains”
  • “How do you get rid of crabgrass”
  • “Should I Fertilize my lawn before or after mowing it”


Reliable Weekly Lawn Mowing Company

Our Better Business Rating will help you rest assured we will be reliable and transparent.  Weekly Grass Mowing Services help maintain your Lawn at the proper length for root growth and drainage management.  During the cooler months we use a mulching grass cutting method, allowing Grass to naturally feed itself, these mulched clippings to remain in the form of recycled nutrients.  During the hotter months and during the Fall Leaf Season, we will bag and remove clippings to keep your grounds neat and clean.

CT Lawncare Mowing Maintenance Company

Lawn Mowing Service Shoreline CT

Our Lawn Care Services are available in the following towns:

  • Madison, CT
  • Clinton, CT
  • Westbrook, CT
  • “Old Saybrook, CT

Weekly Mowing Schedule Prices begin at just $30.  Click the button below to get an instant no cost quote by email for Lawn Mowing Services in Connecticut.

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