Fall & Spring Lawn Cleanup Services

Our affordable Spring and Fall cleanup services keep your lawn beautiful during every season. Leaves are more than just an unsightly mess in your Connecticut landscape and lawn.  Leaves are a hazard to your grass, mulch beds, and tree roots.  Professional lawn cleanup services provide peace of mind going into the Spring & Winter seasons. The decomposition of leaves into your soil, causes an imbalance of acidity, causing a toxic environment for Lawn, Flowers, Tree Roots, and more.  Leaf removal must be performed regularly to maintain a healthy, beautiful Landscape and soil conditions. Lawn clean up and leaf removal services Include leaf, stick, & debris blowing. Disposal into woods, or off site. We also offer weekly cleanups and curbside leaf pile vacuuming services.  Scroll down to learn more about our yard cleanup services and get a free, no obligation quote.

Spring Clean Up

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Fall Clean Up

Get rid of unsightly leaves and prepare your yard for Winter. LEARN MORE

Leaf Pile Vacuuming

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Weekly Clean Ups

Keep your lawn beautiful all Fall & avoid costly final clean ups. LEARN MORE

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Spring Yard Clean Ups

Spring lawn care is one the the most important landscaping tasks to perform after Winter.  As your lawn awakens from dormancy, it will need attention to remove Winter debris and give it much needed nutrients.  Spring cleanups include leaf and debris removal, pruning, weeding, mulching, and more.  Spring is also the season for dethatching built up organic matter from your lawn and preventing Crabgrass and other weeds from emerging in the Summer.


Traditional Fall Clean Ups

Traditional Fall lawn clean ups are intended to prepare your lawn for winter.  Leaves are not only unsightly, they are a danger to your lawn and health.  Leaves block sunlight from your grass, harbor micro-organisms, and will rob your lawn of nutrients all Fall & Winter.  Fall cleanup removes leaves sticks, and other debris from your yard so that it is at it’s healthiest state for winter dormancy. A professional Fall yard clean service will blow leaves into woods, or will remove them off site for disposal.  More importantly, a clean yard makes your Fall gatherings a lot safer & more pleasing.



Leaf Pile Vacuuming Service

Prices for Leaf Removal in Connecticut can vary widely on the type of services you decide to hire for.  One of the most cost effective methods for fall yard cleanup is using our curbside leaf vacuuming service. Many customers choose to pile up the leaves themselves and hire us to load and dispose of the leaves at local dumps. Our prices for Curbside Leaf Pile Pick Up start at just $49.  Local dump fees are included in our quotations, so don’t worry about hidden costs. Leaf removal services can be performed well into December, so it’s never too late to have to leaf piles disappear.


Weekly Fall Clean Ups

Instead of waiting until the leaves have piled up beyond control, some customers opt to have regular maintenance clean ups done during the height of leaf dropping season.  Keeping up with the leaves as they drop can save you money, and lead to a much healthier lawn going into winter.  Lawn Care Companies in Westbrook, Old Saybrook, Clinton, and Madison know that regular leaf removal is also in their best interest as well.  Leaving leaves on yards, makes mowing, maintenance, and final cleanups much more daunting. Weekly leaf removal services by Green Team Lawn Care makes your life easier during the busy fall season.



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