A complete Lawn Fertilizing plan starts early in Spring, as soon as the threat of frost has subsided.  Feeding your yard with the correct Nitrogen based mixture helps revive your grass roots from the dormant winter season.  Spring application includes spraying of crabgrass preventer, the first and most prominent weed to show up in Lawns.

Early Summer

As the wether gets warmer, your grass begins to get stronger roots systems, this also bears true for the Summer Weeds.  Dandelions and Chickweed begin to take up space in your yard, robbing your grass of essential sunlight and nutrients.  Our Weed & Feed Fertilizer Spray is the most essential of the Lawn Care Program.  Excessive Weed Management is also achieved using Round Up Weed Targeting and our exclusive Weed Wand for Sidewalks.

Late Summer

During the hot months, your lawn still needs it essential nutrients, sun, and water.  However, the use of weed control can cause excessive strain on roots and and leaves.  During this time we use a targeted Lawn Food formula, allowing your grass to choke out weeds naturally through root management.


Fall is often dubbed the most important time of a proper Lawn Care Plan.  It also the prime time to plant and establish plants and grass seed.  With this in mind, we apply a Winter Guard treatment to help you grass stay healthy during the dormant season.  Come next Spring, you will see a huge head start in a greener yard from the start.

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