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Regular applications of Nitrogen, and other macronutrients, enhances grass root strength, its ability to hold water, and enhances its green color.  Depending on your grass type, we usually reccomend between 2-4 Nitrogen applications per season.  Application of Phosphorous after seeding also improves germination of new grass plants

Weed Control

We use pre-emergent, and post emergent escape, methods to keep up on weeds before they have invaded your turf. Grassy weeds, like Crabgrass and Nutsedge, require precise timing and dosage to be treated effectivley.  This is why most home owner applications do not work.  Don’t wait until the Summer Crabgrass invasion to call about your weed problem.  By then it may have become a much more diffcult, thus expensive, problem to remedy.

Grub Management

The life cycle of grubs is poorly understand by most, and they often are treated incorrectly.  To effectively treat grub populations, you must time treatments at hatching in late Spring, then again during larvael feeding in Fall. If your service treated for grubs in Summer and you suspect grub damage in Fall, it’s time to re-think your approach to managing this pest.




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