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Green Team Lawn Care provides exceptional Lawn Care Services to the Connecticut shoreline and many surrounding areas. We provide organic or traditional fertilization & weed control programs at affordable prices. Green Team is Connecticut’s exclusive “Google Guaranteed” Lawn Care Provider. This means you’ll like the results or Google pays you back.  With the most 5 start reviews in CT, we are the only lawn care company that can boast these credentials. Quotes are free and your information is protected by Google’s & our Privacy Policies. We always encourage a personal phone call at (860) 222-7171 or use our “Quick Quote” tool on this page.




Regular applications of Nitrogen, and other macronutrients, enhances grass-root strength, its ability to hold water, and enhances its green color.  Depending on your grass type, we usually recommend between 2-4 Nitrogen applications per season.  Application of Phosphorous after seeding also improves the germination of new grass plants. Organic & Traditional options are available per customer request.


We use pre-emergent, and post-emergent escape, methods to keep up on weeds before they have invaded your turf. Grassy weeds, like Crabgrass and Nutsedge, require precise timing and dosage to be treated effectively.   Don’t wait until the Summer Crabgrass invasion to call about your weed problem.  By then it may have become a much more difficult, thus expensive, problem to remedy. Prevention is key with weeds.


The life cycle of grubs is poorly understood by most, and they often are treated incorrectly.  To effectively treat grub populations, you must time treatments at hatching in late Spring, then again during larval feeding in Fall. We also treat for crawling insects including fleas, ticks, and mites. This not only protects your lawn but also protects you from disease vectoring pests. Grub & Insect treatments are included in our traditional plans.


Microbial diseases on lawns can often mimic other conditions, therefore going misdiagnosed. Many of the problems can be corrected with mechanical methods, pH correction, and proper use of nitrogen. When fungicides are required, proper identification and control product selection by a licensed professional is essential to successful management. Contact us to discuss how we can help control and prevent these issues in your lawn.







Do You Offer Organic Services?

Yes. Developing an organic lawn care plan requires a comprehensive conversation about your expectations and requirements. Organic products are less effective and more expensive for weed and insect control, so other cultural practices must be maintained to help with your plan’s effectiveness.

How Often Do You Treat.

Insect and weed pests all have very different life cycles and seasonal requirements.  In order to effectively time control of these pests, treatments are recommended every 4-6 weeks. We typically maintain a monthly treatment schedule.

Do You Treat For Insects?

Our traditional plans include 2 grub and 1 crawling insect applications.  The crawling insect product covers ticks, mites, and fleas.  This should protect you from the majority of disease vectoring insects in your yard.

What Do Your Services Cost?

We price services based on lawn size and the amount of product used.  A small 5,000 sq. ft. lawn can be treated for as low as $49. An on-site estimate is required to provide you with an accurate quote.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes.  We run seasonal promotions and offer a 10% public service discount.  This discount is offered to the Military, Fire, Police, EMS, and Healthcare workers.

Will I Receive SPAM Email If I Request A Quote?

Absolutely Not! Your information is protected by the Google Guarantee and our Privacy Policy.  All communications from us contain an easy unsubscribe link as well.



Spring dethatching removes the top soil layer of dead material that can suffocate grassroots all year long.  Removal of this material is essential to starting your spring lawn care schedule.  This will improve water flow & sunlight availability.


We strongly recommend aeration for all lawns once each year. Aeration reduces compaction. Compaction basically means that the soil is smashed tightly together, making it difficult for water, air, and nutrients to penetrate your soil.


Seeding your lawn creates the thick, green lawn you’ve always dreamed of.  Seeding can also repair bare spots or dead patches in your yard. By maintaining a thick layer of desirable grass, unfavorable weeds get out-competed for nutrients.


Our lawns require a delicate pH balance. It’s a tricky business that is half science and half art. If you’re noticing brown out patches and grass that seems less than vibrant, a big problem can be the pH imbalance in your soil. A soil test is recommended to assess pH.


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