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Save time and money on your Fall Lawn tasks with professional core aeration, seeding, lime application, & fall clean ups from Green Team Lawn Care. Get an instant quote and have your fall lawn care needs quoted in as little as 72 hours. Locally owned and operated out of Westbrook, CT.  Plus, customers who have reached this ad are eligible for a free lime application using Coupon Code “FL19”


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Free Lime Application with all Fall Cleanups during the 2019 season.


Fall Lawn Maintenance Services in Southeastern CT

Our affordable lawn maintenance and Fall Clean Up Services keep your lawn beautiful during every season. Leaves are more than just an unsightly mess in your Connecticut Landscape and Lawn.  Leaves are a hazard to your grass, mulch beds, and tree roots.  Leaf Removal Services provide peace of mind going into the winter season. The decomposition of leaves into your soil, causes an imbalance of acidity, causing a toxic environment for Lawn, Flowers, Tree Roots, and more.

Aeration loosens compacted soil, which allows seed to germinate more freely.  Along with lowering the ph of your soil with lime, these services work together to get your lawn thick and strong for winter.

Our Fall Lawn Care Services Include:

  • Cleanups
  • Aeration
  • Seeding
  • Lime Application

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Clean Ups

Prices for Leaf Removal in Connecticut can vary widely on the type of services you decide to hire for.  For instance, you may choose to stay on top of those Leaf Piles, pun intended, by scheduling regular leaf bagging weekly with your mowing schedule.


We strongly recommend aeration for all lawns once each year. Aeration reduces compaction. Compaction basically means that the soil is smashed tightly together, making it difficult for water, air, nutrients, and your grass’ roots to get down into the dirt.


Seeding your lawn creates the thick, green lawn you’ve always dreamed of.  Seeding can also repair bare spots or dead patches in your yard. By maintaining a thick layer of desirable grass blades, unfavorable weeds get out-competed for nutrients and allow you more control over insect pest species.


Our lawns require a delicate pH balance. It’s a tricky business that is half science and half art.If you’re noticing brown out patches and grass that seems less than vibrant, a big problem can be the pH imbalance in your soil.

Save Your Green Gaurantee.

Peace of mind that you will be nothing less than impressed!

Your lawn mowed perfectly, beds mulched beautifully, yard cleaned better than ever.  If you are not fully satisified with your Lawn Care or Landscaping Services, we will return until we meet your expectations.


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