Our Exclusive Fall Lawn Care Package

WARNING! This is not your traditional Fall Cleanup Lawn Service. While others will perform Leaf Removal Services in a cookie cutter fashion, this is a groundbreaking Fall Lawn Service right here in CT.

Our Fall Decon Service focuses on cleaning the lawn and preparing it with organic chemical free methods that prepare it to be beautiful in Fall, and green in Spring. Leaf Bagging Using Powerful Commercial Mower, Core Aeration, Over Seeding, and Organic Fall Fertilizer. All this for one low price!  Spots are limited so use one of our convenient buttons below to book your Fall Decon quote online.

*Fall Decon is not a traditional leaf cleanup, It focuses solely on lawn areas.  Beds, driveways, pool and other areas are quoted separate as part of a traditional full Fall Cleanup service.


Total Fall Lawn Care

Here’s what’s included in our exclusive Fall Decon package
Lawn Leaf Removal

Through the use of a bagging mower, leafs will be shredded and bagged from lawn areas.  Leaves then dumped into woods or disposed of off site, depending on location.

Aeration & Seeding
“True Core” plug aeration pulls small plugs of soil to loosen and aerify your dried out soil.  Adding seed during the Fall months thickens and rejuvenates the turf layer.
Fall Fertilizer
High Potassium fall fertilizer encourages strong root growth.  This allows grass to thrive through winter dormancy and return more vigourously next Spring.

Fall Lawn Care Near Me

Fall Decon Yard Service, Leaf Clean Up, and Curbside Vacuuming are available in the following towns:

  • Madison
  • Clinton
  • Westbrook
  • Old Saybrook
  • Essex
  • Deep River
  • Branford
  • Guilford
  • East Hampton *New for 2019!

Benefits of Fall Decon Versus a Traditional Yard Clean Up

  • Saves time and money by focusing on lawn areas only.
  • Aeration loosens soil and promotes deeper root growth.
  • Seeding thickens turf and rejuvenates the grass layer, choking out weeds.
  • Fall fertilizer promotes root growth for winter vigor, and a strong start for next spring.

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