Living in New England as an annual or perennial shrub can be tougher than being a bald bunny in Alaska. Wind, snow, freezing temperatures, and salt can wreak havoc on some of the most expensive and beloved plantings in your Landscape. Here are some of the the most resilient flowering and evergreen plantings for the treacherous New England climate.

lush boxwood evergreen shrub growing in garden


There are approximately 70 different types of Boxwoods in the Buxaceae family. Boxwoods date back all. the way to ancient Egypt. And while you could spend your time trimming one into a Sphinx, these plants can grow naturally into round or square forms that require minimal maintenance.

Boxwoods are evergreen and very hardy to freezing temperatures. They can however burn from wind damage, insect infiltration, or improper pruning.

Read more on Boxwood shrubs here: https://www.gardendesign.com/shrubs/boxwood.html

orange flower in tilt shift lens


Named after its tendency to retreat and bloom daily, the Daylily comes in a few very popular varieties that bloom from early Summer into Early Fall. Different versions bloom at different times, which is why many well rounded gardners will plant several varieties properly spaced and staged for timimg.

The popular, smaller yellow versions are known as “Stella D’Oro” and “Happy Returns”. Although there are almost 60,000 known varieties of Hemocralis in total, the more well larger varieties are Orange “Bright Sunset” and Purple “Little Grapette”.

You will rarely find a Daylily dying from drought or disease, and they require almost no extra watering beyond normal rainfall. The growth behavior of going dormant and retreating below the soil allows these plants to thrive and re-emerge yearly with extreme reliability.

purple flower in close up photography


We cannot conclude this list without including a very formidable Annual plant that you will see planted in Spring and dying only once there is a threat of frost. Geranium are most commonly planted in small, well-spaced bunches because they have an incredible spreading behavior.

Geraniums come in many colors and will bloom all year. They do however require a moderate to high level of watering and care. They are often paired with Marigolds to deter insects. Geraniums can be planted all year and are very low priced relative to other plants.

How to Grow Geraniums: https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/flowers/geranium/geranium-care.htm

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