Aerating and overseeing a lawn is very well accepted by even the most novice of homeowners as the most effective and essential Maintenance item you can do for Lawn health. There are however several conflicting misconceptions on timing of these tasks. Traditional wisdom may dictate that these services would be beneficial anytime of the year, with the exception of snow season. We can confidently tell you that Aerating and Seeding your Lawn at the wrong time will waste money and could work against you.


Aerating a lawn pulls small core from the turf and deposits them on the top grass layer. These holes allow for improved water and oxygen penetration, and loosen the underlying soil layer. It is done in conjunction with drop seeding to allow seeds to fall into the newly formed holes and incorporate into the ground as it settles back level.

The most popular, and proven, time to perform aeration with seeding if very late Summer into early fall. The ground has been warmed all Summer, but it is at the point of cooling down to a moderate and effective level for seed germination. This allows for sufficient time for more hardy varieties to establish before Winter.

In the same manner that Aeration cores allow this seed to be easily placed and sown, this process creates a situation for advantageous weeds to establish. During Fall most of these weeds are dead or dying, during the Spring these weeds are just emerging and are looking for opportunities for outcompeting.grass. Aeration in the Spring can aide in this process of expansion.There situations were a crafty Lawn Care Service is able to Aerate and place pre-emergent to prevent the aforementioned weed invasion. We will discuss next however how either method makes Seeding in Spring counterproductive at best.

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Seeding in conjunction with Aeration helps to fill in small bare spots and thicken up turf stands. Seeding in Spring however creates a conflict between pretreating for emerging weeds and conditions needed for germination of new seed.

Some lawns may have more than small (palm sized) spots that may require slice seeding instead of drop seeding to get complete coverage. This service is not normally part of Fall Aeration and Seeding services and must be specifically requested.

Deciding not to use pre-emergent and seed instead can prove to be a poor decision when grassy weeds outcompete all grass that was established with seeding. In order to seed after reemergent applications, you must wait at least 6 weeks after application. This can cause a timing issue where the temperatures could begin to become a challenge for growing grass seed.

There is a delicate temperature balance for seeding lawns. Soil temperatures below 68 degrees will prevent seed germination, temperatures above 80 can dry out and crack seed. It is for these reasons that the mild temperatures of early Fall are far superior for planting grass seed.

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