We are now re-introducing our Complete Lawn Care Maintenance Plan Called “Lawn Life Support“.  It’s comparable to a comprehensive healthcare plan, for your yard. With a busy work, life, and family schedule; Lawn Care is sometimes overlooked and difficult to prioritize.  We have developed a Full Service to obtain a perfect Green Lawn, without the hassle of worrying about each task separately. This Lawn Care Contract is Priced to save you time, money, and worry.  Priced at just a few dollars more than normal Lawn Treatment costs, in convenient, equal monthly installments. 

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Lawn Triage

If starting Lawn Life Support in early Spring, your lawn will benefit from a full spectrum soil anlysis.  We will send your soil samples to UCONN for a detailed nutrient and composition report.  With this we will custom tailor your lawn’s care plan from Spring to Fall and send you the full report.

Fertilization & Weed Control

4 Step Fertilizer Program at 2-3 month intervals.  Early Spring Fertilizer with Crabgrass control, Late Spring Weed & Feed, Summer Lawn Food, and Fall Fertilizer with “Winterguard”. Round Up selective Weed Control sprayed as needed for spot control.  Garden and Shrub beds hand Weeded, Preen application for maintenance.

Fall Aeration & Overseeding

Keeping your turf replenished with regular application of new seed maintains a thicker, denser lawn, and chokes out weeds.  Aeration pulls plugs from the turf, allowing the soil to maintain natural air pockets for optimal root growth and drainage. Spring and Fall Services as needed.

Spring Dethatching

Removes dead layer of organic material, including old grass and weeds.  Allows sunlight to reach soil layer, and water to pentrate to roots more effectively.  Pests thrive under thatch layers, so de-thatching is a chemical free way to practice Integrated Pest Management.

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