Soring bed and tree mulching is essential to getting your Landscape ready for the growing season. Mulch controls weeds, retains moisture for plant roots, and adds eye catching aestethics to your property. You may see many trees along your travels with a mound of mulch at the base, this practice is very damaging and not reccomended. Here we will discuss why this is bad practice and the correct way to mulch around trees.

Wood Mulch Chips for Garden Beds

Why Mulch Mounds Are Bad

In the past it is has been common place to place mulch high against tree trunks in an attempt to get as much moisture to its trunk as possible. Over time it has been discovered that this practice does just the opposite and causes problems with root growth. Here are some common issues caused by mulch volcanoes:

  • Root Rot from excessive moisture
  • Mold and Fungus growth from poor drainage
  • Promotes Insect pest infiltration
  • Works against natural drip line and causes root girdling

Proper Tree Mulching

Mulching around trees can be beneficial in preventing weed growth and promoting healthy roots. Improper mulching can however work against these goals as described above. Here are so aimple tips to properly mulch around trees:

  • Mulch no more than 2-3 inches thick
  • keep mulch from touching trunk or base
  • Use natural wood mulches that easily decompose
  • Use high edges to create a “watering basin”
  • Water trees at or beyond the drip line

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