Wi-Fi controlled devices have made life infinitely easier around the home. A newer trend in lawn irrigation control is the us e of Mobile enabled watering controllers. By using an always on and connected irrigation controller, you can save water, avoid over watering, prevent pests like fungus, and avoid watering during rainfall. Here are some of the most popular wifi controlled watering devices.

Rachio 3 Smart Water Sprinkler Control

The Rachio smart watering system pairs with a mobile app to make irrigation control easier than ever. Set up schedules and monitor its status within the easy to use app. Save water and protect the environment with Weather Intelligence Plus. Networked weather forecasting that prevents watering during rain events.

The Rachio 3 can be easily installed by matching the existing wiring and using the apps step by step walkthrough. This system is designed for use with a professionally installed irrigation system with prewired electrical connections. Below we’ll explore a simpler faucet connector for homes without full irrigation installations present.

Learn more about the Rachio watering system here: https://rachio.com/rachio-3/

Orbit B-Hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer

Orbit is a well-known name in home watering. Most basic sprinklers you may have bought in the past were likely made by Orbit. The B-Hyve a simple connection between the outdoor water spigot and watering hose. To add to its efficiency is a plug-in WiFi transmitter that is simple to connect and ensures flawless operation.

You can use the app to set watering schedules, and it includes its own Weathersense technology to prevent overwatering. The B-Hyve app can also schedule watering on its own using past and current weather conditions to estimate your lawns watering needs. You can also monitor your environmental footprint using the B-Hyve’s built-in flow meter and app readout.

Learn more about the B-Hyve watering system here: https://bhyve.orbitonline.com/hosefaucet/

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