Part of watching TV has always been seeing great commercials. The Geico crew always has a new trick up their sleeves. But with all joking aside, woodchucks can be a nuisance in your yard. Many people don’t even pay much mind to this animal, until you have one holed up in your lawn. But first, we should clear up some misconceptions on this furry fiend.

brown rodent on green grass

Woodchuck or Groundhog?

The true identity of this story’s antagonist is wrapped in a shroud of mystery surrounding his true identity. As dramatic as it sounds. ask yourself, “Groundhog or Woodchuck?”.

So yes a Groundhog is Woodchuck is a Whistle-Pig. All 3 names connected with this one pest. But neither of these names correctly refer to a Gopher, as they are a separate genius of animal altogether.

fluffy wild woodchuck gnawing nuts sitting on grass

What Attracts Woodchucks to My Yard?

Groundhogs are related to the squirrel family, and eat very similar foods. A fruit or vegetable garden nearby gives them a steady food source, and reason to build an underground tunnel and stay a while. They enjoy nuts and acorns as appetizers, but will seek out large fruiting plants for long term sustenance.

How to Evict Groundhogs From Your Property?

Groundhog damage is usually limited to holes from it’s burrows, and damage to fruiting plants. However, they can be a nuisance, and conditions can be dangerous for the,selves with any large pets or wild animals that may be present.

The best way to get rid of prevent them from returning is to discourage them from returning to their burroughs. This can include sprays or dry applications of garlic, pepper, or mint. These smells are undesirable to woodchucks and will encourage them to build new homes further away.

The idea of trapping is a more tangled weave. First, there may be specific State or Local laws that decide whether live trapping would require a licensed specialist. We do not promote kill traps, ammonia deterrent, or shooting them. They can be easily relocated using these methods without having PETA storm your door.

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