We are proud to be entering our fourth year of being Connecticut’s exclusive supplier for Green Envy organic mulch. This premium level product provides several advantages over conventional mulch from local suppliers. If you want to have better looking garden beds, less weeds, and almost zero insects in your landscape, then this Mulch option could be for you.

Benefits of Green Envy Premium Mulch

Produced in a certified organic process, Green Envy contains no dyes, chemicals, or additives. Formulated to naturally suppress weeds and raise pH. This can not be achieved with traditional wood mulches without the use of chemicals.

More than a Mulch, Green Envy contains composted manure. This provides plants, flowers, and trees important nutrients that traditional mulches can’t provide. No need to add harsh chemicals or fertilizer amendments to your beds.

Green Envy locks in moisture 3 times better than conventional mulch. This means less watering, and less environmental impact. Green Envy decomposes into a natural compost at the end of the season, preventing the need for removal.

Learn More & Get a Free Customized Quote:

Learn more about the benefits of Green Envy organic mulch here: http://greenenvyproducts.com/green-envy-prime/. Contact us below for a customized measurement of beds, along with with a free quote on installation of this or our other premium landscape products.

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