What is Slice Seeding?

Mechanical slice seeding services aim to “sow” grass seed about 1 inch deep into the soil for effective germination. A gas powered motor turns tines that gently slice lines into the soil. While also powering a drop spreading rollier mechanism, which places the seed into these slits. Depending on the equipment used and your soil’s condition, power seeding your lawn can quickly apply seed to oarge areas, in a manner that ensures the most success for germination.

Slice Seeding Versus Overseeding

As mentioned already, slice seeding actually “sows” the grass seed into the soil, as opposed to a spreader which simply places it n the top layer. Also, a slice seeder will perform a light Dethatching by default while it is cutting into the soil. Drop spreading can be just as effective in some cases, however, especially when performed with Core Aeration. Also, drop seeding operations are by far easier, less expensive, and require less heavy equipment when compared to slice seeding.

DIY or Hire it Out

If you have chosen to treat your lawn to a slice seeding service this season, your biggest hurdle will be to decide on whether you should hire a power seeding service, or rent a machine and perform it yourself. Professional Seeding services in CT will encompass a very broad spectrum of costs, depending on the type of equipment and materials used. Even if you are set on doing it yourself, you may find renting the machine and buying quality seed may run close to some prices you’ll receive from local seeding companies near you.

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