Using seed to repair an existing or install a new lawn can be an affordable, effective alternative to sod. However, there are some things that can impede your efforts for that seed to remain in place for germination. Here we describe some techniques to ensure grass planting success in your lawn.

Hay Mulch

Protecting grass seed from animals and wind is a tricky task, many other materials would provide effective cover, but also prevent water and sunlight penetration. Hay is a time-proven mulch cover that allows water and heat to blanket seeds into germination.

In our experience, the more hay mulch used, the better the results. Although it is possible to cause fungus growth from excess moisture, if too much is used. After spreading and raking in seed, simply apply hay at a 2-4″ depth, and water as recommended. As seeds germinate, the new plants will push the mulch away and eventually the hay will be blown away by the wind.

selective focus photography of ruby throated hummingbird perched on bird feeder

Bird Feeder

Create an alternative option to your grass seed buffet by using a bird feeder set away from your planting area. Keep in mind, animals, including squirrels, will return to a known food source regularly. So make sure to keep their “pantry” filled, so they remain distracted from your new lawn.

Protect Grass Seed from birds

Visual Scare Tactics

Seed thieves are usually small in size, and can be deterred by anything bigger then themselves. You can always try the age-old fox decoy, or even a scarecrow. Hanging a CD or DVD on a string can create startling reflections, but requires a consistent light wind to be effective.

Lawn Slice Seeding Service

Slice Seeding

Our final recommendation, is often the most costly, but also, by far the most effective way to keep lawn prates at bay. Slice seeding uses a mechanical powered machine to slice the ground and drop seed just far enough to be quickly covered by the existing turf.

Learn more about slice seeding services in CT here: https://greenteamct.com/seeding/

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