De-Thatching Your Lawn Is The Most Essential Spring Lawn Care Task You Should Consider

Proper Spring Lawn Care is always multiple pronged attacks, and can sometimes get overwhelming to keep up with.  Here in Connecticut, our weather can cause uniquely challenging problems with maintaining healthy Green Grass and perfect Soil. One of the most important Lawn Care Services we perform is often overlooked and poorly understood. Here we’ll try to explain, what Thatch is, how it forms, why it is destructive to your lawn, and how to remove it.

What is Thatch?

Thatch can be most effectively described as dead material that has built up into a layer that covers your soil.  This dead material is usually a mix of last season’s grasses, weeds, and leftover leaves that is matted down by snow cover and condensed into a nutrient robbing layer above your soil.

The problems caused by this thatch layer are as followed:

  • Moisture is blocked from reaching grassroots
  • Sunlight does not penetrate the Thatch layer
  • Nutrients such as Nitrogen, Potash, and Oxygen do not reach the roots of desirable grasses
  • This nutrient deprived state allows undesirable weed species to thrive
  • Moisture trapped on the Thatch layer allows the fungus to collect

How To Remove Thatch.

Dethatching in Spring is essential to a healthy lawn. Exposing your soil at this time prepares and maximizes its intake of water, sunlight, and Fertilizer. We always recommend hiring a Lawn Care Professional near you, as they will have the proper tools and techniques to perform this service more efficiently.

Dethatching is usually performed using the following methods:

  • Heavy Raking of small areas
  • Use of a tow-behind Tine Dethatcher
  • Mowing Lawn to dirt, or “scalping” and bagging material (Not recommended)
  • Use of Professional “Power Rake” as pictured above, which cuts and mulches thatched material.

Hire A Dethatching Professional.

Dethatching a lawn properly will leave a substantial mess for you to deal with.  Proper removal of this material is essential and requires specials tools.  We recommend you hire a professional to correctly dethatch your lawn this spring.  Green Team Lawn Care serves Madison, Westbrook, Clinton, Guilford, Essex, and Old Saybrook with Dethatching Services.  You can reach our call center directly at (860) 222-7171 to set up a no-pressure, free consultation.  Or simply click the “Book Now” button below and we will respond within 24 hours with an appointment for your dethatching quote.

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