Our furry friends are considered legitimate members of our families. Having an outdoor area for them to play and do their duties is important to their happiness. The conundrum presents itself for your lawn when dog urine and droppings start to show their effects. Having a dog and green grass is possible with some minor housekeeping measures.


Salts and high levels of acidity often cause circular spots in lawns. There are a few options for treating these spots.

  • Water spots heavily to dilute salts
  • Apply granular Lime to offset the acidity
  • Gypsum is an organic compound that may prevent future spots from forming

Ditches & Holes

Digging is a natural instinct for our domesticated friends. You may have to supervise and train your dog out of this activity before you allow them to remain outside alone. Whenever you see them begin to dig, distract them with a toy or noise. Re-enforce this behavior until they are accustomed to other distractions while being in the yard.

Check out this article for 26 tips to stop your dog from digging: https://doglab.com/stop-dog-digging/

dogs behind fence


As a last resort measure containment may be the only solution for protecting your lawn and keeping your pup content. Setting aside an area for them with a wire fence will contain damage to that area, while still allowing them to explore their natural instincts.

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