Many homeowners can get understandably discouraged with a failing lawn by the time Autumn rolls around. Summer heat and drought can devastate even a well-irrigated lawn. To add to this stress, insect pests can quickly destroy grass from the roots and are difficult to identify and remediate effectively. It is for these and many more reasons that you may find yourself calling it quits in Fall and waiting to attempt your lawn goals again next Spring. Here we will talk about 4 important things you can, and should, do in Fall to re-establish control of common turf problems and why waiting until Spring could put you back into a cycle of failure.

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Get your yard beautiful for Spring by removing all Winter debris and leftover leaves from Fall.  During Fall, getting rid of leaves from your lawn protects it from disease and damage during Winter. If you have woods nearby, it always easiest to blow the leaves past the woodline and away from your grass.

You can also pile them and take them to the dump, or leave them curbside for your local municipal scheduled pickup, or hire a professional curbside leaf vacuuming service. Doing this weekly will allow your grass to thrive better and will be a lot easier than attempting a single large cleanup at the end of the season.

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Core Plug lawn aeration removes compacted soil parts to allow it to settle back into a less tightly formed structure. Lawns that heavy, heavy traffic, vehicle parking, or extended dry periods can become tightly packed over time and create a difficult environment for grass growth. In contrast, weeds love these conditions.

When roots can spread and collect water effectively, grass blades flourish, creating a thick, green lawn. The more grass growth you can foster, the fewer weeds that can survive. Aeration also helps new grass seed germinate more easily, allowing you to fill in bare spots and keep your green up to par.

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Fall arguably the most important time to Fertilize your lawn. Second in line only to pre-emergent in Spring. Most Fall fertilizer formulations contain high levels of Potassium to promote root growth. Our formulation also includes Iron and sulfur, unlike most competitors.

By promoting root growth with Potassium, and shoot growth with iron and sulfur, your lawn goes into Winter considerably stronger and healthier. This sets the stage for vigorous growth in Spring, and less weeds to compete with.

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Our lawns require a delicate pH balance. It’s a tricky business that is half science and half art. If you’re noticing brown out patches and grass that seems less than vibrant, a big problem can be the pH imbalance in your soil. A soil test is recommended to assess pH.

Applying Lime in Fall allows your soil to correct pH imbalances caused by both Summer stress and acidic leaves. Weeds love acidic soils. Plus, you’ll notice an instant green-up in Fall and improved weed control in Spring.

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Spring brings wonderful opportunities for your lawn. It is however not the best time for most of or even all of these important aforementioned lawn care tasks. Even completing these in late Fall will be much more effective than waiting until Spring. Here’s Why:

  1. Temperatures are milder in Fall, allowing for Fertilizer and lime to breakdown and enter plant parts more consistently
  2. Leaves left on the lawn during winter help breed Fungus as well as blocking essential sunlight
  3. Aeration during Spring is acceptable, but can allow for more opportunity for weed escape when done at this time
  4. Winter can stress grass roots and soil structure. Strengthening your turf going into Winter will give your lawn a huge headstart in Spring.

Have more questions or need a Fall Lawn Care professional? We encourage you to call or email us using the buttons below. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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