If You Have bare spots in your lawn leftover from winter, or if you’ve always had problems with sparsely growing grass, you’ll want to pay attention to this special offer!  We have a very limited special on a mechanical overseeding and aeration package, being performed on May 29th & 30th only! Starting at $289 for up to 10,000 square feet. Book By May 25th with promo code “MAYRATE“.





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Relieves Compacted Soil:

Core Plug lawn aeration removes parts of compacted soil to allow it to settle back into a less tightly formed structure. Lawns that heavy heavy traffic, vehicle parking, or extended dry periods can become tightly packed over time and create a difficult environment for grass growth. In contrast, weeds love these conditions.

Improves Water Penetration & Drainage:

Tightly compacted soil is like a brick wall between your soil layers and water.  Without pockets of air and free space, water cannot get to grassroots, which makes it even harder for grass to thrive.  The water that collects on the top of the soil then creates other issues like fungal diseases and moss.

Promotes Strong Root and Blade Growth:

When roots can spread and collect water effectively, this allows for grass blades to flourish, creating a thick, green lawn. The more grass growth you can foster, the fewer weeds that can survive. Aeration also helps new grass seed to germinate more easily, allowing you to fill in bare spots and keep your green up to par.




Works Best In Spring:

Mechanical slice seeding uses a gas-powered machine to cut slits into the soil and drops seed into the grooves.  The soil then collapses around the seed and creates the most effective sowing method for seeding operations. This method is most popular during Spring because of its tolerance for low temperatures.

Fill In Bare Spots:

Bare spots leftover from Winter can not only be ugly, but they also allow an opportunity for weeds to develop without competition. Our seed blend includes Fescue & Bluegrass varieties that will continue to spread once germinated.




Our May special has limited availability and is only being performed for 2 days, May 29th and 30th.  Starting at just $289 for up to 10,000 square feet, and just $50 per 5,000 square feet more. Get your lawn ready for the warmer temperatures and save today.  Use promo code “MAYRATE” when booking with the link below.



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