Last year we were introduced to yet another Mosquito-borne virus, known as Eastern Equine Encephalitis.  And the Connecticut Agricultural Station has already released a new report detailing new Tick concerns for this year, due to the mild Winter we incurred. So we have rolled out our new, all-natural based, insect control program called “Tick Medic.  Here’s a little bit of what it protects you and your family from:



Deer Ticks, also know as Black-Legged Ticks are notorious vectors of Lyme Disease. Just one bite to you or your pet can cause a life-changing diagnosis of painful joint problems associated with Lyme infection. Ticks become active in early Spring and remain active until Fall. Let Tick Medic create a barrier from your lawn and these disease-ridden pests and enjoy your outside area in peace.



Fleas require a blood meal to survive and transition between life cycles.  This means they are consistently in search of a live host, such as your dog or cat. Fleas reproduce very quickly and must be controlled early and diligently.  Fleas are known to carry Typhus and Bubonic Plague, along with other possible pathogens.  They are known to bite and spread these diseases to humans as well.



The dangers of Mosquito-borne pathogens are well documented; with whole communities being wiped out by this small organism. In North America, we have the highest incidences of West Nile, Zyka, & Eastern Equine Encephalitis discovered in monitored Moquitoe populations.  Protect your family this season with Tick Medic’s Bug Barrier program.


All-Natural, Plant-Based

Our insect control product is naturally derived from the Chrysanthemum plant.  It is Mother Nature’s insect repellant and is completely safe for pets and humans.  This formulation is also completely Bee-Friendly as well.


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