In the coming week we celebrate love in the romantic traditions of the renaissance era. While this holiday is dedicated to our significant others, let’s take some time to show some love to our significant “other-other”.  That’s your lawn, of course! And we want to offer our sweetheart deal of the season as a gift.


Free Dethatching With All Spring Cleanups

That’s right! For one week only, February 7th – 14th, get free dethatching with all confirmed Spring Cleanups.  No deposits or payment information required.  Simply an online confirmation to have your cleanup scheduled one we clear any frost threat.


What is Dethatching?

Dethatching removes the top layer build up on your soil that suffocates it and deprives it of light.  This layer is made up of dead matter, grass and weeds.


How is Dethatching performed?

Dethatching can be done with a special dethatching rake, a power rake, or an attachment on a lawnmower with tines.  Usually, the material is discarded or mulched back into the turf for its Nitrogen content.

What are the benefits of this service?

Removing this dead layer of material enables your soil to obtain oxygen and macronutrients, as well as water permeation.  Sunlight is also able to penetrate to roots more effectively after this technique is performed.  Weeds, fungus and insect pests are well documented to thrive in thatch layers left untamed.


Book Now, Save Later.

Dethatching can run you upwards of $400 during the peak season.  Get it for free this season just for confirming a service you already know you”ll need.  Provide your information below and we’ll send your Cleanup quote with a “Free Dethatching” line item for confirmation.  Spring cleanup scheduling is after frost threat or at customer request.






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