Now that we are well into Fall, we are also well into Fall Lawn Care season.  Leaf Removal is among the most important of Lawn Care Services which you must keep at the lead off spot in your Yard Maintenance lineup. It’s too often we find ourselves at a new client for a Spring Clean, and find last seasons leaves creating a Lawn Killing layer like a bad dental checkup.

Here we will get into the juicy details on why leaf removal is so important to maintaining a greener lawn. While this may not be the easiest material to keep you away from that overdone reality TV show, you may someday find yourself wondering why all those trucks are picking up leaves in your neighborhood this Fall.

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Leaf Fall Cleanup Services Near Me. Curbside Leaf Vacuuming Service.

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What Do Leaves Do To Lawns?

The three crucial elements that must be kept in check for a healthy lawn are pH, moisture, and sunlight.  Leaves are efficient little thieves of all of these three facets.  Here we will describe the ideal environment for each respective element, and how leaves affect them negatively.

  •  pH:  Refers to the acidity of a soil.  The ideal condition for a Green Lawn is right around 6.5 on the pH scale.  This is essentially a neutral condition; not too acidic and not to basic.  Leaves that decompose into the top soil layer create a dangerously acidic environment.  This type of soil doesn’t nurture desired grasses, is prime for weeds, and robs the soil of essential nutrients.
  • Moisture: Grass, like any other plant, requires adequate , but not too much moisture for photosynthesis.  A layer of leaves on top of your turf creates an area of trapped moisture that encourages the growth of Fungus and other lawn diseases.  These diseases are an uphill battle to fight later, and will just add to your laundry list of Lawn Care items next Spring.
  • Sunlight:  The most crucial element to plant growth is sunlight.  Without it Grass seed never germinates, and sprouted grass whittles away into thee wind.  A leaf layer acts like that tarp over your lawn that you finally decided to pick up after 6 months.

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Leaf Fall Cleanup Services Near Me. Curbside Leaf Vacuuming Service.

When Is the Best Time to Clean Up Leaves in CT?

The timing and frequency required to clean up your leaves depends on your region and type of trees you have in your yard.  The easiest approach to leaf clean up is to bag the leaves with your weekly mow, even mowing past the point of dormancy for your grass.  This prevents leaves from compacting themselves into wet, heavy layers.  This approach is also the healthiest for your lawn for reasons we have discussed in detail already.  When all the trees in your yard, and any neighbor’s trees that sit close to your property line, have dropped their final leaves; it’s time to clean out garden beds, do a final shrub trim, and a final clean on the lawn.

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Fall Lawn Cleanup Service Near Me


Fall Lawn Leaf Cleanup in Madison, Guilford, Westbrook, & Old Saybrook Starting at $49.

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