Welcome back spring, and welcome to all you fans of lush lawns, lovely landscapes and glorious gardens!



The Green Team would like to remind you all that with spring’s arrival it is once again, TIME TO LIME! Your lawn is a living thing and it needs the same attention and care that you would provide to your furry friends or house plants.



Our lawns require a delicate pH balance. It’s a tricky business that is half science and half art. Bringing your lawn back to life or keeping it on track to captivate the neighborhood all summer can be done with a little TLC. In this case, “That Lime Care”.If you’re noticing brown out patches and grass that seems less than vibrant, a big problem can be the pH imbalance in your soil. The Green Team can identify the issue, cultivate a plan and calibrate your lawn so that the balance is restored.



Many homeowners and lovers of green spaces think that adding lime to their yard will be an easy task, but be forewarned! Adding lime to sufficiently alkaline lawns can burn out swaths of your yard. Not adding enough can leave acid levels too high and deliver less than desired results, leaving your yard struggling for survival. If you are considering attempting this task by your own hand make sure to test you soils properly first. Understanding what your lawn needs is paramount. Lime itself will not be enough to deliver a Home & Garden level lawn; a proper plan for fertilization is crucial. If this seems a daunting task then let the guys and gals at Green Team stop by and conduct a survey of your yard’s status.


Free Assessment


When the trees begin to bud, it’s time to lime and the Green Team will be there to bring you the summer time lawns you want to walk on barefoot. So slip off those shoes and give us call!


~ The Green Team


Guest Author: Jacob Backer

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