Here we feature a Landscape Design and Installation project in Westbrook, CT.  Taking an ignored, dark area of a lawn and turning it into a bright centerpiece.


Assessment & Diagnosis

A retired Army General and his Wife had recently moved to Westbrook, CT and claimed to us “This is it!” “Our final home, and we want the lawn to look beautiful!”.  “Yes, sir!” we exclaimed, in the spirit of fresh boot camp arrivals.

After cleaning all the leaves and debris it was apparent that this area was not only neglected and baron, but it was also at the very forefront of their landscape.  This did not bod well for curb appeal, and did not fit well with the other tightly manicured greens surrounding them.  This area was encompassed by tall trees, and did not even show signs of having any grass growth for years.

There were also concerns on the slope and direction of the terrain.  All drainage led directly to this area, in almost a purposeful “catch basin” manner.  Allowing this situation to continue would have been a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.


Treatment Plan

Corrective measures were taken to control runoff and drainage, brighten up this area, and make sure it would be a long lasting solution. After designing the layout and deciding on 3/4″ White Rounded Marble for material, the following steps were taken:

  • Create & Cut bed outline with mechanical edger
  • Dig & remove 3″ layer and dispose of on site
  • Create straight deep edges for retention
  • Double Layer of Landscape fabric
  • Apply landscape material in the form of White Marble
  • Use tamper on edges to aid in retention


White Stone Landscape Design Bed

Final Prognosis

Like in medicine, there is no outcome better than a happy customer.  As the couple stood atop their hill and gazed down upon their new masterpiece focal point to their previously baron lawn, it was apparent the hard work was worth it.  This area has now not only been taken from dull to magnificent, it also serves as a functional drainage and anti-erosion tool for their whole property.

If your landscape shows any similar signs or symptoms of dullness, poor curb appeal, or just plain “blah”; we encourage you contact Green Team for a free diagnosis.  We promise you wont even need an insurance card.  Call us at (860) 222-7171 or click the button below.


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