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Due to the stress of winter, your dormant grass is probably struggling to re-establish itself among the crowd of organic material that has overwintered on your lawn as well.  As the turf warms up, weeds begin to find new escape routes from their winter hideouts and make their way into your landscape for spring.  Here is a quick rundown of Lawn Overseeding Methods, why it is important, when is the best time to apply Grass Seed, and some information on Grass Seed types for an effective Lawn Care & maintenance plan.  Don’t forget to scroll down for our April only special for just $89!


New Lawn Seeding & Overseeding Methods

Laying down Grass Seed to rejuvenate your Lawn can be done by hand or with machines. We’ve provided a basic overview of the most common over-seeding methods and notes on their effectiveness.

  • Spreading by Hand: While using the old left and rights is a very cost-effective procedure, it can produce uneven results due to the lack of spread control.  Using a rake afterwards can help the seed to make soil contact, but this method is less useful than machines that force the seed into the soil.
  • Using a Broadcast Spreader:  This method would likely produce the most even results as spreaders are inherently pretty accurate with spread ratios, even more than machines in some cases.  The same restriction for deep soil contact that exists for hand spreading would be a downfall of this method.
  • Using a Gas Powered Seeding Machine: This method is by far the most effective for planting new lawns, or overseeding existing grass areas. These machines dig “slices” or use “Matting Plugs” to allow the seed to be placed into the soil at various levels for proper soil contact.


Why is Spring the Best Time to Overseed?

There are some conflicting ideas on the best time to introduce any type of plant into your lawn or garden.  When discussing topics like “when should I seed my lawn“, it is important to do your own research as well. Generally temperature is the most important factor in plant success. It bears importance to remember that grass essentially is a plant by all means of classification. Here are some reasons why many believe that Spring is the best time for laying down seeds for the growing season.

  • Cooler Temperatures:  The air is just cool enough to allow moisture to be retained in soil.  The soil is actually still warm enough to ignite germination very rapidly
  • Root Strength: Strong roots will help you grass thrive through the tough spring and bear fruit in summer, earlier than most other lawns. Spring conditions are overall the best for root growth
  • Less Thatch: Using mechanical seeding thatch is broken up and soil is exposed for seed to receive sunlight and water.
  • Weed Control: New grass growth will out-compete germinating weed seed. This allows the desired grass seed to flourish with less competition.


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