The single most difficult Lawn Care topic to instill on clients is What is The Proper Height to Mow a Lawn. While it is common to Grass cut down to dirt to hide weeds, what this does to your Lawn’s overall health is an abolishment. Here are 5 quick tips to proper grass cutting height and a short desription of their benefits.


  1. Mow grass no more 1/3 of its current height. Cutting the Grass plant to agressiveley stresses it and causes it too go dormant in an effort to repair itself.
  2. Mow frequently.  Bi-weekly or longer mowing allows grass to grow too long and is a risk for thatch formation.
  3. Heights between 2-4 inches will help the Grass retain more moisture, give more sahde to the soil, and “choke” our more weeds.
  4. A properly maintained mower with sharp blades will allow for a cleaner cut, causing less stress on the blades of grass
  5. Mulching the clippings is always reccomended over bagging as the recycled organic material feeds the soil with nitrogen and other nutrients.

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