This lawn feature comes once again from the continuously amazing Madison, CT.  Every now and then we find something special in a landscaping or yard maintenance site that makes us want to share it with the world.  Our occasional Lawn Service features stretch from Old Saybrook all the way to Guilford, CT.  It’s never a case of liking one Lawn over another, we just always like to feature a Yard that has some unique feature that stands out to us.

This Lawn Service site is located on Beekman Place in Madison Connecticut.  Situated a few back roads off Route 79, it’s surrounded by Trees, and has a long driveway that hides the property from the main road.  We were hired for Lawn Mowing Services and to assess Tree Trimming and Shrub Pruning Care.  We were able to do the thing we like most, which is cutting the Grass at a proper, high level.  The grass was just cut previously about 2 weeks prior, so we were able to avoid excessive clippings collection. We are now on a Regular Weekly Lawn Mowing Schedule, and preparing for Fall Leaf Removal Service as well.



The unique characteristic we wanted to highlight was a concrete square in the middle of the main yard in front.  We were not able to establish if it was a septic hatch, or some sort of underground propane tank cover.  We were however able to create a unique “square-like” mowing pattern around it, that really made the main focal point of the Yard stand out.





A typical New England Landscape is routinley littered with tall trees that need care.  While initial Landscape Design and Install provides a new homeowner with beautiful young trees with low lying foilage, as these monsters mature, they become hazards during snow and rain storms.  Also roots and branches invade and disturb surronding vegetation and structures.  This particular site will be assessed for continual Tree Trimming Service needs.

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