Our Current lawn Care Maintenance feature is located in the heart of Clinton, on Cow Hill Road.  The road us locals use to avoid route one between Madison and the outlets, contains some Clinton’s best green landscapes in CT.  It’s always an honor to provide lawn maintenance services on a target area for local traffic, as it is a way to showcase our work to the demographics that really matter.

This lawn has about 3/4 acre total of grass, on mostly level ground.  We have provided weekly lawn mowing services at this residence for most of the 2017 season.  It is a lush, green northeast seed mixture of fescues and rye grasses.  These type of grasses are very heat tolerant, and can thrive with little water.  With this in mind, even a weekly grass cutting would bear enough mulched clippings to feed the lawn again naturally.

One unique challenge in this landscaping journey are the large, beautiful cherry trees and evergreen shrubs methodically placed throughout.  With large drip lines and low hanging branches, extra time trimming where the mower couldn’t reach was essential for a completely manicured look.  The trees provided a shady retreat for natures wonders, creating encounters with frogs, snakes, and other critters.


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