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This is our Medical “homage” to our Spring and Fall Clean Up Services. Leaves are more than just an unsightly mess in your Connecticut Landscape and Lawn.  Leaves are a hazard to your grass, mulch beds, and tree roots.  The decomposition of leaves into your soil, causes an imbalance of acidity, causing a toxic environment for Lawn, Flowers, Tree Roots, and more.  Leaves must be removed regularly to maintain a healthy, beautiful Landscape and soil condition.

This is why our company created a Leaf Removal Service, called “Leaf Decon, to address the hazardous materials that cause a hot zone of destruction to your yard.  Fall Clean Up is the most essential element to a complete Lawn Care Program, and Leaves are the most crucial part of this service.  Lawn Care Companies in Westbrook, Old Saybrook, Clinton, and Madison know that leaf removal is also in their best interest as well.  Leaving Leafs on yards, makes mowing, countenance, and Clean-Up much more daunting.

Prices for Leaf Removal in Connecticut can vary widely on the type of services you decide to hire for.  For instance, you may choose to stay on top of those Leaf Piles, pun intended, by scheduling regular leaf removal weekly or bi-weekly with your mowing schedule.  You may also be the kind of Lawn Care enthusiast that likes to take care of it all at once.  Our Prices for Leaf Removal and Fall Clean Ups start at just $39.  So getting rid of your hazard zone, isn’t going to require a FEMA grant.


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