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We periodically like to showcase some of our favorite Lawn Care Service locations here on our blog. It’s never okay to brag, but once in a while it’s nice to take a second look at your work. Our Lawn Maintenance Services cover the Shoreline, and this week we would like to showcase a Yard Care Contract we have in Madison, CT. Lawns in Madison definitely provide a challenge when attempting to be the Greenest Lawn on the block. It is important to use the best Lawn Care Company in Madison to get the results that turns heads. This Lawn is one that we are proud of, and we hope you enjoy taking a peek here as well.


This Green Lawn is located on Wildcat Road in Madison. The story of the beauty of a lawn started with a full Lawn Evaluation, checking the soil pH and assessing proper grass mowing lengths. The first mow was like a “High N Tight” your mother would get at the local barbershop. Grass cut to a longer length allows for moisture retention and Weed Control. This client quickly became a full “Lawn Life Support” client, and the real hard Yard Care began. Hand Weeding of all the Mulched Garden beds would prove tedious, but well needed. We even performed “Sidewalk Surgery”, removing Weeds and Moss in between the cracks of the Red Driveway.

Fall is among us. It is time to start thinking of getting your Grass Roots strengthened for the Winter season. Last week while in Madison, we spread a Fall Fertilizer as part of our Lawn Care Plan. Fall fertilizer is high in Pottasium, which promotes strong roots to brave the Winter season. This lawn also go a ground-up refresh with a Fall Lawn Oerseeding with Kentucky 31 Grass seed.

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