Seed Saturday 2017 Limited Event

September is the best time of year to plant new Seed in your Lawn for germination and root establishment during the cool Fall months.  We are running a special one day only event, which happens only once a year

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One Day Only, 09/09

Sign up early for 1 of only 25 spots available for this amazing special day. As low as $25 gets you on the list, as long as you book early.

Half off regular rate of complete “Lawn Life Support” Package. Estimate required, includes all of the following 3 services:


URI #2 Northern Blend Seed Spread with Gas Powered Spreader System. Placed under turf using “Up & Under” method.

Seed Germination will highly dependent on after care and maintenance. Watering strongly recommended 3 times per week for at least 2 weeks.


Mechanical Aeration Occurs when “Plugs” are removed from soil, creating a looser environment for roots, and allowing for better drainage.

Aeration is acheived with holes created by Over-Seeder. Visible “Plugs” may not be visible.


Gordon’s Liquid “Weed & Feed” 15-0-0 Nitrogen based Formula. Kills Weeds Currently Established and Prevents Germination of Future Weeds. Nitrogen Blend Strengthens Roots and Increases Green Mass in Your Lawn


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