September is the best time of year to plant new Seed in your Lawn for germination and root establishment during the cool Fall months.  We are running a special one day only event, which happens only once a year

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One Day Only, 09/09

Sign up early for 1 of only 25 spots available for this amazing special day. As low as $25 gets you on the list, as long as you book early.

Half off regular rate of complete “Lawn Life Support” Package. Estimate required, includes all of the following 3 services:


URI #2 Northern Blend Seed Spread with Gas Powered Spreader System. Placed under turf using “Up & Under” method.

Seed Germination will highly dependent on after care and maintenance. Watering strongly recommended 3 times per week for at least 2 weeks.


Mechanical Aeration Occurs when “Plugs” are removed from soil, creating a looser environment for roots, and allowing for better drainage.

Aeration is acheived with holes created by Over-Seeder. Visible “Plugs” may not be visible.


Gordon’s Liquid “Weed & Feed” 15-0-0 Nitrogen based Formula. Kills Weeds Currently Established and Prevents Germination of Future Weeds. Nitrogen Blend Strengthens Roots and Increases Green Mass in Your Lawn


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